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Safeway Garage Doors: Your Garage Door Solution in Mission Viejo

Safeway Garage Doors was founded in 2003 as a “two guys in a truck” type business. Over the years, our company has grown into a business that provides professional and quality garage door repair and installation service throughout  Mission Viejo. We are dedicated to providing the best service to our clients, allowing us to expand our service range throughout southern California. We have now grown into a new and modern headquarters in Santa Ana, CA which allows us to provide garage doors to clients from Mission Viejo to the Los Angeles, Ventura, San Fernando Valley.

Our range of great products are covered by extended warranties. We proudly stand behind every garage door we sell. Our team of professional and highly trained technicians have a combined industry experience of 40 years. With such a team, Safeway Garage Doors provides each customer with excellent repairs, customer service and installation services. Not only does Safeway Garage Doors provide installation and repair services, but we also guarantee our work with a 30 day labor guarantee from the date of the invoice. If an issue arises, it will be resolved quickly and to the customer’s complete satisfaction.

If you are ready to a new garage door or need your old one repaired, call us to schedule a visit from one of our friendly technicians. At Safeway Garage Doors, we are fully capable of handling any garage door issue. It is our company’s goal to provide you Experience for Life®.Mission Viejo

When You Want a Range of Options, Choose Safeway Garage Doors

A garage door is more than a cover for your garage. A garage door is a multi-functional architectural feature of the home, offering protective and aesthetic qualities. When choosing the right type of door, there are many options to consider. The team at Safeway Garage Doors is proud to offer our Mission Viejo customers a wide range of garage door options such as:

Steel Raised Panel Garage Doors

Steel doors are our most popular option because they require very little exterior maintenance and are reliable. Along with aesthetic appeal, steel garage doors offer a higher level of safety and available in a range of different gauges. 24-gauge, for example, is the strongest and heaviest gauge

Vinyl Garage Doors

This type of door is a very popular option because they require zero maintenance and are virtually indestructible. A vinyl door will not peel, rot, rust or warp. They are also considered nearly “un-dentable.” They are also conveniently finished and ready to be hung, requiring no staining or painting

Carriage House Garage Doors

This style of garage door is also a popular options because it offers aesthetic appeal and lovely architectural elegance. This type of door is available in a range of compositions including steel, composite, and wood. There is also a large variety of window and door patterns to choose from

Specialty Garage Doors

When you want a special “wow” factor style door, Safeway Garage Doors can offer you specialty garage doors in a range of options including modern fiberglass doors. This type of garage door is popular because it is durable, attractive and nearly maintenance free. Specialty garage doors add dramatic aesthetic appeal to any home

Safeway Garage Doors are backed up by our guarantee as well as the best warranty in the industry at no additional charge. Each garage door you purchase from us comes with a 30-day labor warranty as well as a 1 year parts warranty which is in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty. We also guarantee our work. When Safeway Garage Doors installs your garage door, it is done so by local Mission Viejo experts who provide the greatest attention to detail.

Along with a variety of garage door types, Safeway Garage Doors also offers a range of garage door openers, including:

Safeway Garage Doors is happy to offer garage door remotes and accessories for customizing your home. If you want the widest selection of quality garage doors in Mission Viejo, choose Safeway Garage Doors.

Garage Door Problems & Solutions

Though Safeway Garage Doors are of the highest quality, malfunctions can occur in some cases. Common garage door problems can include:

Broken Cables

Broken cables are a common problem, including cable fraying or the cable jumping off a drum. This type of problem causes the door to be skewed and can weaken the springs. It is important to have properly functioning cables because they support the full weight of the door

Section Replacement

When one or two sections of your door are damaged and need to be replaced, Safeway Garage Doors can help

Broken Springs

Broken springs are the most common problem we deal with. Springs break due to overuse. It is extremely likely that you will experience problems with your springs at some point, as they typically last from 5 to 8 years, depending on the frequency of door use. Safeway Garage Doors can offer the repair services of our technician. We can also install the highest quality torsion springs, which are backed by a 1 year warranty

Everyone inevitably experiences some sort of malfunction or damage to their garage door. When this happens to you, call the experts at Safeway Garage Doors. Our team of professionals will provide you with repairs or other garage door service throughout the Mission Viejo area.