Has your state-of-the-art garage door system fallen into a state of disrepair? Has your once brand-spanking-new system seen better days? If so, you need the services of a qualified garage door professional, and Cerritos Garage Door can help. Employing a team of extensively-trained and highly-capable garage door technicians, Cerritos Garage Door has established a stellar reputation for excellence and professionalism that extends way beyond the city’s borders. As far as quality garage door repair and maintenance services in California are concerned, Cerritos Garage Door is at the top of the industry.


Much of Cerritos Garage Door’s reputation has been built on the range of its quality repair and maintenance services. This is the main thrust of the company’s line of services, and the impeccable performance and sheer dedication of its personnel ensures the successful completion of every project. We are especially qualified to perform repair and replacement of key garage door components, ensuring optimal operation throughout the life of the garage door system.


Of particular interest to our personnel are the torsion or extension springs. Essential to the operation of the garage door–particularly with regard to the up-and-down motion–torsion springs are subject to incredible amounts of stress on a regular basis. Constant use can really place extensive wear-and-tear on the torsion springs, making them more brittle and less flexible as time goes on. Left unaddressed, issues with the torsion springs can result in less than optimal operation of the garage door.


Some homeowners may be tempted to perform repair work on their own garage doors. In most cases, it would actually be a better option to call a qualified garage door repair firm such as Cerritos Garage Door. Few of the components of the typical garage door are user-serviceable, and the aforementioned torsion springs may even pose a significant safety risk. Most homeowners simply do not have the tools, knowledge, and capability to handle the intricacies of the typical garage door system. If you would like to get your garage door back in full working order and you want the job done right, the best course of action would be to call Cerritos Garage Door.


We can also address all your needs in garage door accessories and equipment. We carry an extensive range of openers, remote control units, rails, chains, belts, springs, and many more, all of the highest quality and available at reasonable prices. This comprehensive range of tools and equipment enables us to provide anything and everything that our customers need in order to ensure the continued optimal condition of their garage door systems. Serving as a one-stop shop for garage door repair and maintenance in California, Cerritos Garage Door is the first and last firm you will need for any issues involving your garage door.


We invite you to look into our quality maintenance services as well. In most cases, a program of periodic diagnosis and maintenance is all that you need in order to ensure that your garage door system is able to deliver consistently reliable service.