Carson Garage Door is the go-to firm for anything and everything related to garage door system repair and maintenance. In the years since the company was established, it quickly garnered a reputation for quality work and total professionalism in every aspect of its service. With the capability to handle virtually any type of repair and maintenance work, Carson Garage Door is a full-service firm that could restore your garage door to “like-new” condition.


Central to the quality of services provided by the company is the team of ace professionals tasked with the actual repair and maintenance work. With long years of experience between them, these garage door specialists are thoroughly familiar with virtually every make and model of garage door system on the market. We can even handle repair work on some of the more esoteric garage door brands available–and even some custom makes for that matter–which makes Carson Garage Door one of the most comprehensive garage door repair and maintenance firms in the business.


You will especially want our team of professionals to inspect your torsion or extension springs. These are some of the most essential components of any garage door system, and they are primarily responsible for enabling the full range of its motion. Torsion springs are designed to work flawlessly for years at a time, and most people aren’t even aware of their existence–much less give them the least bit of attention–until something goes wrong. In most cases, the first sign that something is amiss with the torsion springs is when the garage door begins to make an unusual noise or performs other than expected. When this happens, it is advisable to have a qualified technician from Carson Garage Door take a look at it immediately.


It is rare when repairing your own garage door system is a good idea. In fact, certain components–such as the aforementioned torsion springs–can be quite risky to work on, with a tendency to snap back with terrific force when broken or when improperly installed. Serious injury can result from trying to work on the torsion springs and other components of the garage door–particularly by inexperienced persons–so hiring a qualified technician is almost always the best option.


Carson Garage Door offers a range of garage door related products and as well. From remote control devices to replacement belts and tracks, we stock them all so that you won’t have to go anywhere else for your garage door-related needs.