As useful as a garage door is, it can be a real inconvenience when it breaks down. In fact, it doesn’t even take a total breakdown of the garage door to bring its immense importance to the fore. Impaired performance can really put a damper in anyone’s day, and any issues left unaddressed could potentially turn into even more serious problems. Worse still, garage door-related issues can pose a significant safety risk, possibly causing physical harm to your family members or pets.


In order to keep your garage door system in optimal–and safe–running condition, you need to have it inspected by a qualified garage door repair and maintenance firm. In Calabasas, there is no better firm for the job than Calabasas Garage Door, and you will find that our company is more than capable of handling even the most demanding garage door-related needs.


Calabasas Garage Door employs a team of highly-trained and qualified technical personnel, each with extensive experience handling a wide variety of repair and maintenance related jobs. Our specialists are among the most capable in the industry, with a level of commitment and dedication to their work that ensures the delivery of the highest quality of service. Calabasas Garage Door’s repair personnel are adept at dealing with most brands of garage door systems on the market, and they could even handle custom-built systems. In fact, we even offer aftermarket and custom retrofitting services that could add some much needed functionality to your current model, while addressing crucial performance issues.


We are especially proud of our work involving the repair and replacement of key components of your garage door, particularly the torsion springs. Also known as “extension springs”, torsion springs are integral to the proper operation and efficient function of your garage door. These patents are typically built to last for years and years, providing reliable service day in and day out. However, torsion springs are subject to extreme stresses, and they will break down at some point. When this happens, you will typically notice impaired performance or improper operation.


Some homeowners opt to repair their garage doors in their own without the aid of qualified repair and maintenance personnel. This is almost never a good idea, as the typical garage door system is comprised of several components designed to work precisely together. If there is even the slightest error in installation or assembly, the garage door may not work at all.


Calabasas Garage Door provides more than just repair services. We also offer diagnostic and maintenance procedures aimed at identifying potential problem issues before they have a chance to worsen. Because many problems with garage door systems go undetected for months and even years, there is often no sign that something is wrong with the garage door until it breaks down completely. When this happens, the only option may be a costly replacement job. This is why it is in your best interests to hire Calabasas Garage Door. Our trained personnel will inspect your system thoroughly and recommend an effective maintenance program, ensuring the continued optimal condition of your garage door.