Most garage doors are designed to provide reliable service for years at a time, even with daily use. That being said, they will need some attention at some point. Repair and maintenance are essential for even the best designed garage doors, and Bell Garage Door is here to ensure that you get access to the finest quality services available.


Some of the most important components of standard garage doors are the extension springs. Providing the torsion needed for proper operation of the garage door, extension springs can be prone to breakage due to the extreme stresses to which they are typically subjected. Furthermore, extension springs may snap back and cause serious injury while being adjusted or repaired. For these reasons, it would be best to have a professional garage door specialist from Bell Garage Door handle all your spring replacement and repair needs.


Bell Garage Door also offers a comprehensive range of garage door accessories and equipment that can be helpful for ensuring the continued optimal operation of your garage door. We even carry an extensive line of garage door openers including brands such as Genie, Liftmaster, Chamberlain, Craftsman, Sears, and Amaranth.


Another component that will require periodic attention is the drive assembly. These come in three types–belt, chain, and screw–and like the extension springs, they are subject to tremendous stresses. You will need to have your drive assembly repaired at some point, and knowing the right type is essential to ensuring the safe and optimal operation of your garage door.


In most cases, you can expect your garage door to deliver reliable performance for many years without the least bit of attention. However, it is a good idea to have a professional from Bell Garage Door inspect your garage door at least once a year. Some issues may not become apparent until significant damage has already occurred, and by then it may be too late to do anything about it.

Furthermore, the condition of your garage door may be such that it poses a significant safety risk, although there is no indication that anything is wrong. For this reason, periodic inspection is essential. By having a professional from Bell Garage Door inspect your garage door at least once a year, you can prevent a potentially costly repair job later on, even as you ensure the continued proper operation of your garage door.


If you would like to enhance the safety of your garage door, investing in safety sensors is essential. Bell Garage Door also offers a superb line of safety sensor options, each of the highest quality and built to withstand years of use. These sensors will detect when there is anything in the way of the garage door, and they can be tremendously useful for use in households with children and/or pets.


Your garage door performs an essential service that you just can’t do without. However, they have to be maintained properly in order to do the job for which they have been designed. With Bell Garage Door, you have one of the most reliable providers of quality garage door repair and maintenance services you could have access to.