Garage Door Repair and Maintenance in Avalon

Garage doors provide homeowners with peace of mind thanks to their durable and dependable construction at the entrance to the garage. These doors are durable, however from time to time they still require maintenance and occasional adjustments. This upkeep ensures they continue to serve the homeowner fully and properly. If you suspect your garage door may need maintenance, Safeway Garage Doors in Avalon can help. We are known for providing experts in the field who are glad to perform an inspection on your garage door, something that is recommended annually. During this yearly inspection, we repair damaged parts, such as broken springs, and make all needed adjustments, like adding lubrication.

If you spot something wrong with the garage door or opener between inspection services, Safeway Garage Doors in Avalon should be your first call. We provide any necessary repairs quickly and affordably. If there are issues, we address them as soon as possible to lessen the possibility of incurring more damage or additional costs.

You may experience one of these common garage door issues:

  • A broken emergency release

  • A replacement section for the door

  • Replacement of the rubber lining on the bottom of the door

  • The garage door becoming unhinged from the track

  • Weather stripping

  • Broken springs

The experts at Safeway Garage Doors encourage you to always keep an eye on these issues, even between inspections. Should you find yourself in need of garage door repairs, call the helpful and experienced professionals at Safeway Garage Doors.

Garage Door Options in Avalon

Avalon, CA is on beautiful Catalina Island, an area where Safeway Garage Doors has proudly offered garage door repairs and sales for almost 15 years. Thanks to these many years of diligent and skilled service, it is common knowledge among our staff that your garage door has a large role in your home’s overall aesthetics. Safeway Garage Doors gladly keeps a wide offering of garage door options, including the following:

  • Steel Raised Panel Garage Doors – Our most popular style of door offers a raised panel steel construction. This door requires little maintenance and still delivers on durability

  • Carriage House Garage Doors – Another popular style, this door is both beautiful and practical with options like wood, steel and composite

  • Vinyl Garage Doors – A common and popular model, this door is considered nearly indestructible

  • Specialty Order Garage Doors – Get noticed with a custom garage door available in options like steel and fiberglass

Safeway Garage Doors is pleased to provide installation on any garage doors you purchase with us. When we sell you a door, you benefit from our highly trained installation service, quickly and accurately provided by a trained technician. For more options and information on garage doors installation, give Safeway Garage Doors a call today!

Garage Door Openers in Avalon

Alongside our garage doors, Safeway Garage Doors offers a variety of garage door openers and accessories. These openers include brands like:

  • Amaranth

  • Genie

  • Liftmaster

  • Clicker

  • Multi Code

  • Chamberlain

  • Sears

  • Craftsman

After you have lifted one garage door manually, you know it is difficult and uncomfortable. Safeway Garage Doors can help provide remote control access to the homeowner’s garage right from their vehicle. Our range of remote opening systems enables you to lift and lower your garage door with just the click of a button.

Our wide range of garage door openers includes:

  • Jackshaft Openers

  • Belt Driver Openers

  • Chain Driver Openers

  • Screw Driver Openers

Safeway Garage Doors can offer a variety of garage door openers that operate remotely for every need. Our accessories, like safety sensors for your garage door, also come in handy. These safety sensors give homeowners an extra layer of protection as they will alert the homeowner when someone or something is obstructing the door. These sensors also ensure that the obstructed door does not completely close on the object. Such a simple accessory can provide protection for your family, your pets and your belongings, even your car, from damage by an obstructed mechanical door.